Polymer Chemistry

The core of our research integrates concepts from organic synthesis, polymer physics, and materials engineering to design and assemble advanced polymeric materials. Organic synthesis provides a handle over molecular scale details; polymer physics enables an understanding of how molecular assembly controls emergent macroscale properties; materials engineering facilitates processing, scalable production, and implementation of our rationally-designed materials in a variety applications.

We have used these approaches for the fabrication of a unique class of photoresponsive hydrogels that enable user-tunable and spatiotemporal control over material properties with light. These gels are fabricated from bio-orthogonal chemistries allowing them to be employed in the presence of mammalian cells. We have additionally employed these concepts to develop a class of shear-thinning and self-healing moldable hydrogels comprised of polymer-nanoparticle (PNP) interactions. Self-assembled PNP gels leverage supramolecular interactions that allow them to flow upon applied stress and rapidly reform once the stress is relaxed, enabling a variety of biomedical and industrial applications.



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